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  • Ziptrax CleanTech uses advance technology for Li-Ion Battery Closed-loop Recycling, 2nd use Battery Application and New Li-ion Cell Manufacturing.
  • Ziptrax Tech can recover lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper and graphite from various chemistries of li-ion batteries.
  • Recycling and Repurposing batteries has the potential to reduce GHG emissions by 1 billion tonnes of CO2 over the next 20 years.
  • Future of Affordable Energy storage and Micro-grids is Lithium-ion Powered.
  • Ziptrax Cleantech enables re-purposing of the Li-ion batteries for 2nd use applications in Off-grid Energy Storage ​& Micro-grids in Rural & Campus application.


Why choose Ziptrax ?

  • Safe collection and sustainable

    In India, 80% of E-waste and Batteries end up into informal recycling. We provide a safe and sustainable collection service that protects the environment.

  • Best value buyback

    You get superior prices for recycling your battery with us

  • Authorised recyclers and Zero landfills

    Your Li-ion Battery is recycled by our advanced technology and responsible recycling plant.

  • Advance technology and digital future

    We support payments through digital means including cards and wallets and have digitalised end to end process

A Lithium Powered Century

Our Process

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.


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Collection, testing and grading of LiBs

Different types of batteries are collected and stored safely with our collection partners.Batteries can be picked up on demand by booking a collection slot with us.After recieving batteries they are tested in order to identify potential in them and grade them

Reutilization of LiBs for various 2nd use applications

Working batteries are refurbished safely for sale purposes which benefits the user as such batteries are cheaper and safer to use

Dismantling and physical recycling of scrap LiBs into components

Dead batteries are dismantled into individual components for physical recyling of every component

Recovery of valuable materials from scrap LiBs and processing into Active materials for making new LiBs

Precious minerals are extracted from the batteries which can be further utilised in making of newer LiBs hence reducing the cost in procurring the material for newer batteries.


RescueEarth Technologies


Ziptrax is involved in managing, developing and deployment of Patented Green Tech for Recycling of different categories of E-waste and Plastics into Valuable substitutes. Two Green Technologies were developed by Chief Innovator, Late Mr.Rahul Nagpaul, for recycling of 18 categories of E-waste, Plastics and MSW

  1. E-waste Re-Utilization Technology: India - 1714/Mum/2012 , International - PCT/IN2013/000244

  2. Plastics & Assorted waste Re-Utilization Technology: India - 1746/Mum/2012, International - PCT/IN2013/000245

  3. Published in European Patent Bulletin by EPO in Nov 2017 and in UK and Germany in February 2018.



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Major producers of lithium are Australia, Chile, Argentina and China with Australia and Chile accounting for more than 90% of the total Production.
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South America surely seems to be the “New Middle East” with 70% of the global lithium reserves are concentrated in South America's ABC Triangle(Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile) region.
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Currently, India does not have any Lithium Cell Manufacturing domestically and no large reserves of Li, Co and Mn (used to make Li-ion Batteries for xEVs & Gadgets).
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China meets around 89% of India’s requirements & with a 20% jump in imports. Rising Import costs of Li-ion batteries and Energy Storage Systems quality are key concerns.